3 tips for badminton beginners 🏸

Badminton is a fun sport for beginners. Almost everyone can learn to hit the shuttle over the net in a few hours. But it can be difficult to make further progress. 
I have a few secret tips to share with you. These are for badminton beginners who want a rapid learning curve. The tips can be put to use quite easily, and I have used them a lot during my 17 years of coaching badminton. 

Tip #1: Wait with the overhead

I know. Smashing an overhead is fun. But for beginners, it is much better to focus on below shoulder strokes before focusing on the smash. 

Developing the strokes below the shoulder before progressing to overhead will create a better technical foundation, especially regarding grip placement. So wait with the overhead in the beginning. 

Tip #2: Use a wall

Okay, this might sound a little bit weird. But hitting the shuttle against a wall works. 
Wallwork is especially useful in the 10-20 first practice sessions. The repetitive nature of the drill will help create the correct technical foundation. 

Wallwork can eliminate some of the most common pitfalls regarding grip placement, such as the infamous pan-handle grip in the forehand and the floppy-wrist in the backhand. It should of course be combined with other drills during a practice session.

Tip #3: Remember the split-step 

The split-step is a crucial part of the footwork and movement of a badminton player.
What is a split-step? It’s the small jump that you should do when the opponent hits the shuttle.
Take a look at the clip above ⬆ 

Performing the split-step will improve reaction time and speed of movement and it can quite easily be incorporated in the practice for badminton beginners. Make a habit out of split-stepping – it will improve your overall badminton game. 

I hope you can put these 3 tips to use. I have used these tips myself countless of times, always with great results – as I’m sure you will as well.

Thank you for reading 😊 

Kind regards, 

Morten and the GripFixer Team