GripFixer Tennis

Helping tennis players learn the correct grip

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"We have tested GripFixer in the prototype phase and it has proven to be very good for our players"
John Doe
Head Coach, John Doe Club

Fits all grip sizes

Grip size 1 or 4 - it doesn't matter. GripFixer is flexible and fits the grip size you use, no matter what.

Made for open play

Switch between continental and semi western during play. Serve, hit a forehand or backhand and charge to the net with the correct grips.

Fast and easy to use

GripFixer won't interfere with your practice. Simply place it on your grip and start improving your grip placement.

How can GripFixer help you?

It is quite simple. GripFixer will help you or your players learn the correct grip – in a fast, fun and easy way.

So far, we have had great success with our GripFixer for badminton. Our new GripFixer for tennis has been in development and production for over 365 days. We have received feedback from top tennis coaches, and worked in close collaboration with The Danish Technical University. Now, we are almost ready to launch a high-quality product: GripFixer for tennis. And we need your help. 

GripFixer Tennis is an aid that can help coaches and players. You attach the GripFixer on the handle of you racket and it will help you learn and maintain the correct grip. It reduces the learning time for the correct grip, swing and legwork significantly by allowing the player and coach to focus on other things than the grip. Many top coaches has already approved the prototype and are very excited for the product to hit the market.

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