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We sell on several different platforms,
so here is an overview:


We sell and ship to all of Europe through this site, although we have some great retailers around EU – feel free to check them out.

South America

We suggest you contact Kinsa Sport


We suggest you contact TennisHub and BadmintonHub or SunriseClick

The rest of the world

There can be several different options:

  • If you know of a relevant retailer or distributor, feel free to get them to contact us.
  • Amazon in your region – GripFixer might be available on your country’s regional Amazon platform (we have no influence over this – this is Amazon who handles and decides this), but at a higher rate due to import-expenses.
  • Amazon export function (it might be possible for you to buy through the above amazon platforms (e.g. US platform).
  • Contact us. But international shipping is expensive (50 Eur and above), so for orders below 10 units is not adviceable.