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None of us likes being injured, but with these smart anti-vibration devices you can decrease the injury risk (just click the images and get redirected).

Tennis elbow is a common padel injury, but you can decrease the chances of you becomming injured. One of these ways are by reducing the vibrations generated by ball impact. These devices does that, but in different ways.

It’s also recommended to do strength exercises (please advise with a physiotherapist about the right course of action), and to look at whether your grip is either to small or to big. 


ShockOut are small plastic plastic devices, that is inserted into the holes of the bat: 

  • Noticably reducing vibrations by up to 60%.
  • Allows you to adjust the racket balance (to adjust the power/handling properties of the bat).
  • Certified by the ETSII study of the Political University of Madrid.
  • They come in a variaty of colours (orange, red, blue, or yellow) to match the color of your bat – choose your color below.


Another to reduce the vibration from the ball-impact, is grips with anti-vibrating properties. You just place it on the handle of the bat.

Undergrip from Ariv

 You simply place it on the handle of the racket, and then you can put on different kinds of overgrips. 
  • It has been tested to reduce vibrations by up to 70%. 
  • It’s easy to apply.
  • Lightweight undergrip weighs only 4 grams.
  • They state that it’s very durable – between 6-8 months, playing 4 times pr week.

Undergrip from ShockOut

The undergrip from ShockOut is also placed directly on the handle. The viscoelastic material reduces vibrations thanks to its molecular structure. 

It’s also easy to apply, reduces vibrations, and lightweight. One difference is that it doesn’t have an adhesive, so you can re-apply it (if you make a mistake, or want it on another bat). 

Undergrip from Hesacore

Hesacore consists of an innovative grip, its honeycomb design allows the fingers to rest on the concave surfaces, thus reducing stress, transmission of vibrations and injuries.

Compared to the two above solutions, you don’t get a plain grip surface – some prefer that and some don’t.

Dual Pro Grip

A raised “line” made of foam, reduces the ball impact. When attaching the grip, this “line” creates a kind of raised “ridge” in a spiral around the grip, creating a different gripping-surface, that isn’t as plain as the undergrip from ShockOut or Ariv. 

Several colors below.


8 Eur vs 80 Eur… A bat costs about 80 Eur, sometimes more. A protector costs 3-8 Eur. 

It’s almost impossible to avoid hitting the wall at some point, thus getting scratches or even worse… the bat breaks, is unavoidable – and it actually happens more often than you would think.! 

A proctector protects the top part of the frame, and is a great investment. It’s quickly attached and greatly increases the durability of the bat. It’s so light that it doesn’t really changes the weight balance of the bat, and it also comes in transparent, so there are no visible changes to your bat.

Amazon’s choice. 

4.2 with 251 ratings.

Amazon’s choice. 

4.2 with 251 ratings.

Amazon’s choice. 

4.2 with 251 ratings.

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4.1 with 351 ratings.