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Babolat Veron Technical


Premium quality bat at the markets best price – lots of power in the bat


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The are A LOT of information when picking a padel bat, we have made it easy to understand and find a bat with our “Quick Pick Guide”. It’s a simple score of 5 different factors:

  1. Power: Indicates the maximum striking force the bat can deliver.
  2. Control: Reveals how accurate the bat is in its strikes when hitting the sweet spot.
  3. Spin: Indicates how rough the surface is and how much spin can be generated with the bat. All bats can produce spin, but if the surface is rougher, it’s possible to generate more spin.
  4. Maneuverability: Indicates how easily the bat responds. Typically, a lighter bat will score higher. A lightweight bat is generally suitable for people with injuries, those with less striking power, or those who want to have lightning-fast reactions.
  5. Difficulty: Indicates how difficult it is to play with the bat. A higher rating means the bat is more challenging to play with. Typically, a smaller sweet spot makes the bat harder to play with because you need to hit the sweet spot to make clean contact with the ball.

The follow 4 bullets are about our Quick Pick Guide. Do you still have questions or do you wish to know more about certain specifications then check out or advanced guide (click here).

It means your level, and it says something about your ability to hit the ball in exactly the same spot on the racket every time, and your ability to generate power (your strength, and your ability to predict where to ball is coming – if you’re good at it you have more time to perform the swing). If you can, you increase your precision and power, but if you can’t, your precision and power declines rapidly – and you are more likely to get injuries in your elbow and/or shoulder.

This is actually a factor that combines a lot of different aspects (racket head shape, balance, material, etc) in one single number to make it as easy for you to pick the perfect bat for you.

  • Difficulty 1 (out of 5) Beginner (Played 0-10 hours total)
  • Difficulty 2 (out of 5) Experienced beginner (Played 10-30 hours)
  • Difficulty 3 (out of 5) Intermediate (Played 30-75 hours)
  • Difficulty 4 (out of 5) Advanced player (Played 75+ hours)
  • Difficulty 5 (out of 5) High level player (Played 75+ hours and playing at a high level)

Power tells how much hitting power the bat can generate. A bat with high power typically has lower control. Whereas a bat with more control is more forgiving for imperfect shots (outside the sweetspot). As a beginner we highly recommend going for a bat with more control.

We have divided our category into:

Control+   |   Control  |   Neutral  |   Power  |   Power+

Maneuverability: Describes how easy the bat is to move around (get the bat in position) and accelerate (how much power you can generate).  If the score weight of the bat is low, it is both good if you want faster reactions, have a low strength or suffer from damage. It’s easier to move around and has a faster acceleration (but with a lower top-speed).

It’s important to keep in mind that, Impact (the power generated in the ball) = Time X Acceleration X Weight. So if you don’t have the time (not so good a anticipating yet, or making fast strokes at the net), or low acceleration (due to injury, or just your overall strength), then you should go for lower weight of the bat.

We recommend “Very light” to “light” for beginners.

Very light   |   light  |   Neutral   |   Heavy  |   Very heavy

Describes how much spin the bat can generate. Regardless of the score, a bat can produce spin, but high spin means that the bat has a rough surface which contributes to more spin.

It’s important to note that, although it sounds great to be able to give the ball more spin, “Low spin” is not bad – It very much depends on what your requirements are. More spin -> less extra power from the bat. Beginners won’t really benefit from more spin. Creating spin on the stroke makes it harder to be precise, and you are currently at a level where you’re not able to apply enough spin for it to matter.

Our recommendations are for a beginner to go for “Low Spin”.

We have divided ours into  Low Spin   |   Medium   |   High Spin


This bat is designed for the Intermediate to the Advanced player, who is looking for a bat with a lot of power and the ability to generate spin, if you’re looking for control and/or lighter bat go for the AIR or COUNTER.

Quick pick guide:

  • Difficulty = 3-4
  • Control/Power = Power+
  • Maneuverability = Very Heavy
  • Spin = High Spin

VERON series

Is the middle of Babolat 3 top-series – Vertuo (more beginner-friendly), Viper (being the highest quality and the hardest to play with). The three series from Babolat are characterized by very high quality. The Veron series is specifically designed for the experienced beginner to the advanced player.

Babolat TECHNICAL Veron

This is a power bat! With its diamond head shape, relatively high weight, head-heavy balance, high sweetspot, and the soft EVA core it is an absolute power bat, but with these features it also requires a rather high level (higher than the Veron Counter and the Veron Air). The 3D Spin technology helps you generate the invaluable extra spin, to create those almost unreturnable strokes after the wall bounce.

Material Optimization

By using quality material, mixing them, and using them the correct places, you get the best qualities of each material – from Carbon Flex technology, 3D Spin, Vibrasorb to Black EVA core.

Racket Composition

    • Frame | Is made of carbon to increase maximizing the core qualities of stability, strength and lightweight.
    • Core | The core is made of the quality material Black EVA soft foam that helps generate power and absorbing vibrations in the strokes
    • Racket head surface | Is made with the Carbon Flex technology, which a weave of two different materials on the racket surface amplifies their benefits: the explosive power of carbon combined with the easy power of fiberglass creates a flexible surface that brings you dynamic power |
    • Racket head structure | The 3D SPIN technology creates a rough structure on the surface. When you start generating the correct spin when the ball comes of the wall, creating almost unreturnable shots, you will understand how invaluable spin is, and how impactful the raised patterns on the racket surface is.

Less Injuries

Tennis elbow or shoulder injuries is a very common are very common in padel. This is why the R&D team worked to reduce risks of injury and came out with a new technology. The VIBRABSORB SYSTEM, powered by SMAC, is made with an elastomer material integrated in the racket’s construction. Play safer with more comfort on each shot.

Longer grip

Slightly longer grip on this bat than usual. This makes it easier for you to use a two-handed backhand grip.

Holes Pattern System

Optimized distribution and size of holes specific to each racket shape optimizes power transmission and increases precision when returning shots.

Additional information




Red / Black

Head Shape



Intermediate, Advanced


Head Heavy


365 g

Surface Material

Carbon Flex: A mix of both carbon and fiberglass.

Surface structure

Rough (allows for more spin)


Soft – Black EVA

Frame Material



38 mm


Longer grip


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