Beginners Kit Mini Small


Beginners Kit
With a beginners kit from GripFixer you really get value for the money. You get a GripFixer and a quality badminton racket, at a very favorable price!
The racket is a quality racket from the respected RSL.
The racket is created with the children in mind. It is shorter in order to make it easier for the player to control the racket and the shuttle – thus making it easier and more fun for the player to start their badminton journey.
We recommend this racket to players up to the age of around 6-7.
The racket is made of aluminium in the head, and the shaft is of steel, making it very durable and a great choice for the first racket.
With our beginners kit, you will be ready to go on court and practice your grip with the perfect combo: a brand new racket and a GripFixer.   

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