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We are collaboration with several official federations around Europe – e.g. Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland.


“We are using the GripFixer here in Landshut/Germany with our kids. It´s really a great new tool and good help for beginners to learn subconsciously and the kids can discover and feel themselves the right grip!!”

Sophia Weisensee

”We have tried GripFixer today at our practice with the youth players. There were several who said: “Ohhh, is that how you are supposed to hold the racket”. With they GripFixer they can not "cheat". We recommend trying it. Kind regards, Odden Badminton Club ”

Jakob Greve

“Easy use of the product for the implementation of the learning skills. However the players must adapt to this new grip which is disturbing for them. So we must be patient and accept to fail sometimes in order to get better later. But we see a real improvement in their way to understand and play badminton.”


Very useful device especially for the beginners! It helps you to keep the right grip. I am happy to have it found.

Marian SK



Biggest online coaching platform, +250.000 users on Youtube. Danish top coach – Headcoach for Kolding Badminton Club (Danish Top-5 youth-club the last many years)

“It's a tool for your badminton racket that does exactly what its name say it will do - It fixes the grip. In my opinion this is really a technique shortcut if you haven't got the grip right yet. You have to use the right grip otherwise it's impossible to play with it.”

Paul Stewart

 International Badminton Coach – UK –

"It's an ingenious device I have been testing this with six players now and over the short time they have put this device on the racket we have seen a massive improvement in the hitting quality… every player who has tested this has had positive results which is a winner for me and a wish I've found this a lot sooner. If you're a coach and you're working with players then this is a great tool and I highly recommend that you look at it for your players.” “I always carry grip fixer in my bag. Fantastic tool to help players improve their grip. I have recommended these to many coaches and they are all thankful because they have made such a difference. Congratulations to the team at grip fixer for the most innovative badminton product for years!”

Thomas – Halmstad Badminton

Sports Director at Top Swedish club.

“Above all this forces the kids to hold the racket properly and as a coach you don't have to nag at them all the time about that. For first-time beginners it's a great benefit to have grip fixers so that's something that we'll definitely use it for in the years to come.”

Nadia Lyduch - Danish top coach

Elite badminton coach for 30+ years from Denmark. Developed multiple Danish top players from their youth to adults.

“I have had the chance to test GripFixer, and I started with my own boy - he is 5 years. Normally he used the classical frypan grip, but only after only 2 times, he started using the correct grip.”

Mikkel Assing

Top youth coach – developed multiple players to more than 200+ Danish national medals.

“In my own experience, is it enormously effective and especially the fact that it is a gadget that the kids think is fun to play with. I definitely think it's worth using.”