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The problem

You might know the problem. If you are a coach or a player, we are sure you have experienced it yourself: it is really difficult to learn the correct badminton grip. As a coach, you are probably constantly telling your players to “remember the grip”. Or, as a player, you are trying your best at every practice to learn the correct grip.  

As an elite coach in Denmark, working with players spanning all age groups and levels, our founder and inventor, Morten, is more than familiar with this problem. During his extensive coaching career, the words “Remember the grip” has been uttered a lot.


Previous solutions

To fix this problem, many coaches have used different solutions. Among them, coaches have drawn lines on players’ grip, put pins in the handle and taped players’ hands to the grip. All of these solutions brought with them some obvious problems. With the drawings, players could still change their grip as soon as the shuttle came flying towards them. Pins were uncomfortable and created blisters, and the tape was ineffective and limited the players’ ability to change grip. 

None of these solutions were sustainable. But there had to be a way to help layers learn the correct grip in a fast and easy way. This problem had to be solved. 

Our solutions - The GripFixer

That’s why, in 2017, Morten set out on a mission: to make learning the correct grip faster, easier and more fun for everyone. 

Early in the process, Morten realized that to achieve this mission, competent people were needed. That’s why he teamed up with engineers from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) to develop and design the best product possible. The process demanded a lot of trial and error but through continuous testing on players and meaningful input from several Danish top coaches, he finally managed to launch the product on September 2018. 


Since then, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Coaches, players and parents are very satisfied with GripFixer, and so far, more than 25.000 GripFixers have been sold around the world. But this is only the beginning. We are constantly developing and improving GripFixer – to give you the best playing experience possible. 


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