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Worried if GripFixer really works… Based on our many satisfied GripFixer-users, we believe so much in our product, that we are offering you free return within 30 days, if you’re not satisfied with your GripFixer. But we hope and expect you will be happy with GripFixer and the value it brings.

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Correct grip is essential

It all starts with the correct grip – but it is difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating to learn. Lay the foundation for your improvement by learning the correct grips from the start.

Maximize your potential

Don’t waste your time. With GripFixer, you will learn the correct tennis grips from the beginning, which will lead to faster improvement in all areas. 

Attach - Grip - Play

Our Patent Pending unique design allows you to switch between the grips, without having to adjust the device manually. Therefore, you can use GripFixer in open play.

Helping tennis players improve

GripFixer helps tennis players become better. Learning the correct grip is the most essential building blocks for improving as a player. But learning the correct grip is difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating to learn, for both the player and the coach. That is why we created GripFixer.

GripFixer guides the placement of the fingers towards semi-western grip for forehand and continental grip for backhand, serve, volleys and smash. It makes life easier for both coaches and players and enables players to improve in all other aspects that are crucial to becoming better. 

GripFixer Tennis

Made in DK

Made in Denmark

Our product is invented, developed and produced in Denmark.

Developed with experts

GripFixer Tennis is developed with experts within tennis and experts with extensive experience in product development (The Danish Technical University – DTU) in order to create the best product possible.

Easy to use

GripFixer takes less than 10 seconds to attach to your racket. And we have made sure you don’t have to take it off when switching grips.

Less corrections

If you are a player, you know the feeling of being corrected. If you are a coach, you know the feeling of correcting a player. With GripFixer, there is far less corrections, making practice more fun for both coaches and players.

Fits all sizes

GripFixer comes in two sizes. That is enough to fit all racket, ranging from grip size 0-5. Find the correct size for you with our size guide.

Highly recommended

GripFixer is recommended by top tennis coaches. 

Thoroughly tested

Throughout the development of GripFixer, we have tested the product on +100 players. We have gained valuable insights from top coaches and improved the product along the way. 

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