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Correct grip is essential

It all starts with the correct grip – it is the basis for creating the fundamentals and later to learn the more advanced techniques. But it is difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating to learn. 

GripFixer helps you learn the correct grip in a fast, fun and easy way. 

Maximize your potential

Don’t waste your time learning something wrong – it will create incorrect muscle memory (aka. bad habits), which actually limits your learning potential.

So ensure the correct grip from the start and enhance your learning and potential. 

Very easy to use

Countless hours have been spend on our Patent Pending unique design, that makes it very easy to use. 

It takes 10 seconds to attach, and then you don’t have to worry about the grip – you can just focus on your game and not the grip.


Our product is invented, developed and produced in Denmark. Therefore, you know you have a quality product in your hands.


GripFixer is developed with experts within the sport and experts with extensive experience in product development (The Danish Technical University – DTU) in order to create the best product possible.


Tested and recommended by multiple Official Federations, and top coaches around the world.


Learning the correct grip is very difficult, but at the same time necessary to learn, as it is essential for creating the proper foundation for further improvement. Learning it takes a lot of time and effort and can lead to frustrations, both for the player and for the coach. GripFixer is developed from knowing and dealing with this problem on a daily basis for more than 20+ years. 

The inventor is a Danish top coach, with more than 20 years of coaching experience at all levels, and knows how important learning the correct grip is for improving and keeping the players in the sport. 

GripFixer (pat.pending) solves this problem. By guiding the finger placement, GripFixer ensures that the player holds the correct grip, so you don’t have to worry about the grip. Simply attach GripFixer to the racket and start playing – and see the technique improve quickly.

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Play Video


Check our chart for your size

Handsizes varies a lot, but GripFixer size small, is generally for kids and up to a standard womans hand. Unsure of your handsize, check the next picture on how to measure your hand

Measure your hand

With your hand open, measure around the circumference of your hand, excluding your thumb, at the base of your knuckles.


  • The diameter of the Small size, is smaller.
  • Small has been tested to fit racket with grips down to US: 3 7/8 (US) / Grip 00 (EU).
  • Medium has been tested to fit with rackets with grip down to Grip 2 or Grip 1 with an overgrip).
  • Remember to use a new overgrip for proper friction between the GripFixer and the racket.