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FZ Forza Soft Grip – Replacement Grip – 2pcs


Stay in control – nothing beats the feeling of a fresh new grip!


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Purchase this item and get 9 Loyalty Points - a worth of  0,90
Purchase this item and get 9 Loyalty Points - a worth of  0,90

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Experience the difference a superior grip makes, no matter how intense the game gets. Replace the original low quality grip, with our high quality FZ Forza Soft Replacement Grip. The original grip can quickly become worn-out and loose it’s qualities – combines moisture-absorbing features with an anti-slip coating to ensure optimal grip and comfort. It’s easy to apply and ideal for players of all levels, from beginners to pros.

 This is a replacement grip which means you need to remove the starting grip from your racket before putting this on. If you wish you can you can place an overgrip on top.

If you’re the type that sweat a lot in your palms, we recommend you use either our Towel grip.

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White, Black


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